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Performance marketing agency specialised in customer-first strategies for direct to consumer brands, creating the category leaders of tomorrow.

What we do

Highrise was built with a belief that there is a better way to connect
users brands

We can see a divide in the digital marketing landscape — either marketers are strong in strategy but struggle to interpret data or they are great media buyers but completely lose sight of the bigger picture. We know that to successfully connect with consumers today, you need to have both.

That’s where Highrise comes into play.

We do not buy clicks. We do not build hypothetical brands. We help businesses succeed by aligning best-in-class media buying with customer-first strategies, helping you to define your value proposition and explain your story efficiently to consumers. Since the start, our holistic approach to growth has helped our clients to become some of the fastest-growing consumer brands of today.


Highrise has been with us right from the start. Not only were they instrumental in developing our acquisition strategy, they also helped us focus on priorities and anticipate challenges at every stage of our growth. It also helps that they’re a pleasure to work with!

Benjamin Spicer @ Untamed

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Why work with us

We’ve been in your shoes and seen first-hand how expensive opinions and a lack of data lead nowhere.

That’s why our approach is different — we are data-driven and put your business and your customer first.


Rooted in customer insights.

We operate on facts, not fiction. All of our growth strategies are rooted in consumer insights, because we strongly believe in taking guesswork out of the equation.

Our services

We focus exclusively on channels that have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Today, the measurable digital platforms with the highest reach are Google and Facebook.

Capture demand through Google. We help you target potential users who are actively searching for your solution and ensure that you have every chance to be discoverable.

Generate demand with the limitless potential of Facebook’s user base. We’ll reach out to new audiences not yet considering your solution, engage and retain to grow your total addressable market.

Let’s work together.

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