Our expertise lies in user acquisition and retention spanning across a wide range of channels.

Highrise is the growth engine behind some of the most explosive growth companies in the UK and Europe.

Rather than specialising at one specific channel, we look at growth holistically, offering the right level of support at different growth stage of the business.

Our service offering is split into three core pillars:

IGNITE: A turnkey, ‘growth-in-a-box’ solution that can help deliver sustainable sales and grow brand equity through ‘evergreen’ investment that can be deployed year-round.

Ignite encompasses strategy, brand, digital product, performance marketing, data and analytics to deliver an end-to-end solution designed to drive conversions and bottom line growth.

BOOST: Our ongoing service designed to make the most out of your media investment.

We go beyond button clicking (in fact if you are looking just for a PPC or Paid Social agency, we have some great recommendations to make!)

With Highrise Boost you get a growth partner who is there to support you and your business day in and day out, supporting and leveraging all possible levers that are required to achieve your growth objectives.

ADVISORY: Our advisory service is designed to support later stage brands with strategic projects. From international expansion to implementing marginal contribution based approach to media investment.

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  • Managed paid acquisition: fully managed by our growth experts. This includes Facebook Advertising, Google, Programmatic Display, Snap.

  • Custom built strategy: to achieve your company goals, on time and on budget.

  • Real KPI growth: acquire real business value like paying customers and ROI instead of vanity metrics.

  • Internationalisation - helping you effectively take core model overseas.

  • Comprehensive reporting: clear reporting & insights to measure success and plan for the future.

  • Content and Performance Creative Development: development of performance assets (Facebook video ads) designed to drive results.

  • Landing Page Development