Highrise Ignite is a bespoke growth service for early stage ventures or established brands with lacking growth marketing infrastructure, designed to set them up for success by implementing proven and tested marketing funnel that includes best in class on-site and off-site practices.

The 12 week program is designed to set the right growth marketing infrastructure in place through converting your brand vision into to an integrated cross-channel experience that exceeds your users’ expectations and your business goals.


Funnel & Campaign Workflow Set Up

Effective performance marketing communication today requires an approach that will tell the brand story through multiple touch points via effective use of sequential messaging off-site and effective use of landing pages on-site to enhance the user journey and achieve campaign objectives.


Data & Analytics Infrastructure

Running paid media channels [at scale] requires rigid data and analytics infrastructure, as it forms the foundation for optimised campaign management and informed decision making, such as adjusting marketing mix, creatives and messaging upon demographics and user intent.


Data Analysis & KPI Framework

We will provide you with a real-time overview on campaign and funnel performance, enabling you to move from opinion led to data driven decision making process.

Marketing & Activation

We’re obsessed with scaling the brand we work with. Our marketing team develops and executes strategic campaigns that the world sees across every channel. We will set up, test, optimise and manage your entire paid acquisition and retargeting ad campaigns, and paid acquisition funnel, creating an integrated cross-channel experience designed to drive results.


Email Automation

Effective email marketing is not influenced by outside channels and channel CPM fluctuations. Investing time in the structure and hygiene of your email database will yield immediate contribution to the efficiency of your demand generation campaigns.


Customer Discovery & Market Research

Our unique customer discovery process will enable your organisationto move away from opinion-led to data driven marketing through qualitative and quantitative assessment of buyer behavior and user journeys on and off-site.